Responsive Design

The default theme provided with the storefront is responsive so if you open your store on any device whether tablet, mobile or laptop, it automatically adapts to it thus there’s no need for a separate mobile storefront. You could check it by opening the demo window and resize the browser window to see the design adaptation.

Orders Management

  1. The order management is designed in such a way so that it would be easy for customers to process the order and store owner is able to view all the order details.
  2. One page checkout flow is provided to make it simple for the customer.
  3. Guest checkout is also provided without registering into the system and it could be set up on per store basis.
  4. Customer would be able to see order history as how the order is progressing.
  5. Store owner would be able to add/modify order on behalf of the customer. It is as customer is placing the order from the front end.
  6. Multiple transactions per order are supported.
  7. Order could be placed in multiple currencies.
  8. Necessary emails would be sent on order processing.
  9. Emails sent could be tracked using notification management.

Catalog Management

  1. Add unlimited number of categories and products.
  2. Add digital products and on purchase should be able to download.
  3. Add unlimited number of manufacturers or brands.
  4. WYSIWYG editor for catalog descriptions.
  5. Multiple images could be added for each product.
  6. Discounts and specials could be set at product level.
  7. Products can be assigned various options and adjustment related to price and weight for each option value.
  8. Products can be assigned attributes which would be used in product comparision
  9. Ability for user to add product in wishlist
  10. Ability for user to add product for comparision
  11. Search on the basis of category.
  12. Search on the basis of brand.

Ratings and Reviews

  1. Customer would be able to provide rating for the product.
  2. Customer would be able to provide review for the product. If you want guest reviews that support is also provided on each store basis.
  3. Store owner should be able to approve the reviews before it is displayed to the customers.

Payment Options

We are launching with following payment options in the first release. We would be adding new payment gateways in the upcoming releases.

  1. Paypal Standard
  2. Cash On Delivery.

Shipping Options

We are launching with following shipping options in the first release. We would be adding new shipping methods in the upcoming releases.

  1. Free shipping
  2. Flat rate shipping based per order
  3. Flat rate shipping based per item

Tax Management

Taxes in the system are implemented using tax rules to provide flexibility. A tax rule is a combination of customer group, product tax class, zone and tax rate. Thus make it easy for admin/store owner to create the rules based on the requirements.

Multi Store Support

  1. Each store can be assigned a separate theme.
  2. Each store could be assigned to a different data category thus based on the data category, all the product categories and underlying products would be available under the store.
  3. For each store different default language, currency and tax class could be set up using settings.

Multi Language Support

Multi language support is provided with the platform for the merchants to have there store running in multiple languages.